Hand-to Hand Fighting Sport
International Federation

World Championship in Hand-to-hand fighting 2016 (Young Athletes Group (Boys))

HSIF: About Federation

The international Federation for Hand-to-Hand-Fighting was founded in 2006.

The Federation is based in Moscow.

The Mission: to make the Sport of Hand-to-Hand Fighting widely known and followed around the world.
Our Goal is to have Hand-to-Hand Fighting Sport events feature on every Olympic Agenda as a recognized Olympic Sport!

With that in mind the Federation runs championships, tournaments, seminars for referees and training sessions for athletes, as well as demonstration fight shows in various countries of the world. Our policy is not to compete, but cooperate with athletes from other marshal arts.

HSIF head office is located at: 10, block 1, Krylatskaya Ul., Moscow 121552, Russia  

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Post address: 10, block 1, Krylatskaya Ul., Moscow 121552, Russia.

Phone/Fax: +7 499 140-51-72